START UP Investigators

Has it been difficult for you to obtain blood samples for your research?

With START UP, volunteers with and without HIV register themselves in our database to be matched with opportunities to donate blood for HIV-related research studies. All participants will complete a short survey with select demographic and HIV characteristics.

What is the process for requesting samples?

This service is open to UCLA and CDU investigators.

Contact us at to discuss if use of START UP is appropriate for your project.

You will need IRB approval to use this Core service. The UCLA IRB number for START UP (to reference in your IRB application) is #22-001407.  If you are having trouble with your IRB application, contact us for assistance.

Please review the fee schedule for the cost of this service.

Submitting a request for samples:

Once you have obtained IRB approval to use START UP to collect samples for your study, you will submit a request form with the following information:

  • Number of participants
  • Documented IRB approval notice and approved IRB application indicating that study samples will come from START UP
  • Volume and type of specimen requested (peripheral blood collection only)
    • Blood collection tube type, with handling requirements
    • Processing requested:
      • None (whole blood only)
      • Plasma
      • Serum
      • Peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs)
    • Aliquot size and number
  • Short-term storage requirements and shipping information.
  • The intended assays to be performed with the specimens.
  • Criteria you are seeking for participants from the limited options below:
    • Age
    • Sex at birth
    • Gender
    • Race
    • Ethnicity
    • HIV status
    • Antiretroviral (ART) status
    • HIV viral load status
    • Current CD4+ T cell count
    • Nadir CD4+ T cell count
    • Past HIV immunomodulatory therapy status

Once the investigator request has been submitted, we will be in touch to process your request.

I’m interested! How do I start?

If you are interested in using START UP to collect samples for your study, you may call or email us for a consultation at or 310-825-5147. If you already have IRB approval to use START UP, please fill out the online investigator request form here.