Bi-Monthly Multidisciplinary Virology Seminar Series

It is essential for researchers to keep abreast of the work being done by colleagues in a variety of disciplines. To facilitate this, the UCLA-CDU CFAR and the UCLA AIDS Institute sponsors a bi-monthly conference featuring presentations made by researchers working in both basic and translational sciences, clinical therapeutics and biomedical prevention. The topics covered include, among many others, host-virus interactions, novel therapeutics, vaccines, stem-cell research, aging, and viral pathogenesis. The Bi-monthly Multidisciplinary Virology Seminar Series is an in-person meeting from 9:00am to 10:00am in the Biomedical Science Research Building (BSRB) 154 every other Tuesday.  A light breakfast will be available during the meeting.  

For more information regarding the Multidisciplinary Virology Seminar Series and/or to be added to the listserv for these meetings, please contact Rina Lee-Cha.

DATE Presenter #1  (9:00AM) Presenter #2  (9:30AM)
10/03/23 Guo Qi “Modulation of repopulation of anti-HIV gene modified cells to enhance efficacy and safety” William Mu “Induction of autophagy to improve anti-HIV T cell responses for HIV cure approaches”
10/17/23 Pablo Alvarez “Unraveling alphaviruses neuroinvasion: Molecular insights from a stem cell based blood-brain barrier model” Karly Nisson “Degradation of CCDC137 is an important function of HIV-1 Vpr that is independent of cell cycle arrest”
10/31/23 Javier Ibarrondo “Anti-HIV Therapeutic Chimeric Antibodies” Melanie Dimapasoc “Targeting the HIV Reservoir”
11/14/23 Zheng Cao “Lactate removal restores T cell function and improves efficacy of CAR-T cells” Alex Stevens “Peering into Nucleocapsid Metastability of Herpesviruses Using CryoEM”
11/28/23 HOLIDAY
12/12/23 Mayra Carrillo Sankara Palani
12/26/23 HOLIDAY
01/02/24 HOLIDAY
01/09/24 CANCELLED
01/23/24 Laura Martinez Shallu Tomer
02/06/24 Serina Huang Jeff Harding
02/20/24 HOLIDAY
03/05/24 Ayub Ali Vivian Yang
03/19/24 Wenting Chen TBD
04/02/24 Jonathan Jih Maria Daskou
04/16/24 Anjali Sharma Balamurugan Arumugam
04/30/24 Fumiaki Ito Zhenlan Yao
05/14/24 Arjit Vijey Jeyachandran Joselyn Kim or Gabrielle (pending)
05/28/24 HOLIDAY
06/11/24 Sara Makanani TBD