Training Events and Conferences

The UCLA-CDU CFAR provides education and opportunities for collaborations through seminars and conferences, such as:

  • HIV Grand Rounds
  • Weekly Multidisciplinary Virology Seminar Series
  • Clinical Discovery Symposium series
  • Study Implementation and Regulatory Workshops
  • Community Partners Events
    • Quarterly “Meet and Greets”
    • Annual HIV Community Health Research Forums
    • CBPR Summer Institute

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The UCLA-CDU CFAR also maintains a list of other training opportunities at our campuses.

CTSI K award workshops

The UCLA CTSI runs a variety of career developmental activities including a highly effective workshop for ESIs submitting K award applications, complementing their KL2 award program. 

Mentoring the mentor program

Provided by the UCLA Graduate Programs in Bioscience and National Research Mentoring Network, this institutional program is open to faculty across the spectrum of career stages and covers evidence based best practices that foster effective mentorship. Specific topics include effective communication, aligning expectations, addressing diversity/equity/inclusion, promotion professional development and independence.

Accelerating eXcellence In translational Science Center (AXIS)

This NIMHD funded center facilitates communication and promotes resource sharing and collaborations in clinical and translational  research programs including HIV/AIDS, Cancer and Cardiovascular Disease. The AXIS Center is leveraged to bring investigators outside of HIV working on cancer and cardiovascular disease into collaborations with HIV researchers.