Has it been difficult for you to find volunteers for your research?

Have you had trouble finding people who are genuinely interested in the research process?

With RSVP, volunteers register themselves to RSVP in order to be matched up with research studies. We give them your information and they can then decide whether to contact the study or not.

With RSVP you know that your outreach efforts are already directed at interested and motivated individuals.

Investigators are always looking for people to volunteer for their studies.  If you are interested in learning more about how RSVP can help you find volunteers, we are looking forward to meeting with you.

Please call or email us for a consultation. If you already have IRB approval that includes use of RSVP, feel free to fill out a study request form and send that and your current IRB approval to us for review.

UCLA IRB Approval to use RSVP

You will need IRB approval to use this Core service.

Instructions for attaining UCLA IRB approval to use RSVP:

  • On the UCLA webIRB application, section 18.1 asks: “How will you identify and/or recruit participants for this study?”
    • Check the box that says: “Participant pool for which potential research participants have given permission for future contact”
  • Section 18.2, item 6.0 will then ask: “If you have indicated that subjects will be identified and recruited from a subject pool(s) or recruitment database, (Section 18.1/item 1.0), please indicate the name of the Pool or Recruitment Database and UCLA Department. If the Pool or Recruitment Database is not at UCLA, identify the location”
    • Identify the UCLA HIV Research Study Volunteer Project, David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA, UCLA MIRB #22-001304

If you are having trouble with your IRB application: contact us at for assistance. If you are a CFAR seed grant recipient or eligible trainee, you can receive this assistance at no cost.

I’m interested! How do I start?

Contact us at