Pharmacology Laboratory Services

The Core facilities and faculty provide extensive analytical capabilities for pharmacology research, including methods for most currently available antiretroviral compounds and numerous drugs used for HIV complications. Advanced assays include quantitation of intracellular triphosphates for nucleoside analogues, quantitation of drugs in peripheral tissues such as the cerebrospinal fluid and quantitation of unbound drug concentrations. State-of-the-art highly sensitive methods are developed using liquid chromatography/tandem mass spectroscopy.

Investigators are encouraged to contact the Core Director to discuss their projects and aims.

Antiviral and Other Drug Assays Available from the Pharmacology Core
Drug Family Drug Technique Matrix
* In development
Nucleotide Analogues
ddI HPLC-UV^ plasma
3′-TC HPLC-UV plasma
ZDV & ZDV-glucuronide HPLC-UV plasma
ZDV & ZDV-glucuronide HPLC-UV urine
ZDV & ZDV-mono-, di-, triphosphate Solid phase extraction/LC/Tandem MS PBMCs
d4T -TP LC/Tandem MS PBMCs
abacavir HPLC-UV Plasma
ddATP* LC/Tandem MS PBMCs
Endogenous nucleotide (NRTI competitor) thymidine triphosphate LC/Tandem MS PBMCs
Nonnucleoside Reverse Transcriptase Inhibitors (NNRTI) nevirapine HPLC-UV plasma
nevirapine LC/Tandem MS plasma
Protease Inhibitors (PI) amprenavir LC/Tandem MS plasma
indinavir LC/Tandem MS plasma
nelfinavir & M8 LC/Tandem MS plasma
nelfinavir & M8 LC/Tandem MS CSF
ritonavir LC/Tandem MS plasma
saquinavir LC/Tandem MS plasma
Oligonucleotide Zintevir HPLC-UV plasma
Antivirals thalidomide HPLC-UV plasma
acyclovir HPLC-UV plasma
foscarnet HPLC-EC plasma
ganciclovir HPLC-FLU plasma
ganciclovir HPLC-UV urine
ribavirin HPLC-UV whole blood
Other Compounds cortisol & 6-beta-hydroxycortisol HPLC-UV urine
cefpodixome HPLC-UV plasma
ceftizoxime HPLC-UV plasma
ticarcillin HPLC-UV plasma
Iothalamate & PAH HPLC-UV plasma
Iothalamate & PAH HPLC-UV urine