Emelda Fonki, MBS, MPH

Administrative Support

Emelda Fonki, MBS, MPH is a dedicated healthcare professional with a rich background in Sports, public health, biomedical sciences, and community engagement. She holds dual master’s degrees in Biomedical Sciences and Public Health from Charles R. Drew University, where her focus has been on addressing health disparities and promoting global health.

Emelda has a proven track record in impactful roles within the healthcare sector. She graduated with the Bachelor’s degree in Biological Education at the University of Buea Cameroon and afterward attended the National Institute for Youth and Sports, Yaoundé Cameroon. Traveled across the continents to the United States to pursue a career in Medicine. In the course of doing so, she had obtained a Bachelor degree in Bioengineering from the University of California -Riverside, served as a Nurse technician at the California State Prison, Lancaster and Chino Institute for Men, served as a program manager with the Good served for re-entry population to reduce recidivism., Medical Case Worker II at Los Angeles Housing for Health, concentrating on homelessness prevention and healthcare access. Her commitment to international health is evident in her role as a Project Manager for an HRSA-funded initiative targeting HIV/AIDS in Africa, where she played a crucial part in designing training manuals and collaborating with community health workers in Malawi.
Beyond her professional roles, Emelda actively engages in community events, fostering partnerships between Charles R. Drew University and institutions in Kenya and Rwanda, Serra Leon, Dominican Republic, Cuba, Guatemala, Malawi, Zambia and other HBCUs to enhance education and healthcare programs. Her experiences as a Mental Health Advocate at the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health have deepened her understanding of mental health awareness and advocacy.

Emelda’s future aspirations lie in the field of medicine, where she aims to build genuine connections with patients and provide precision care. Armed with diverse experiences, a solid education, and a passion for addressing healthcare disparities, Emelda is poised to make a significant and lasting impact in the medical field.