Humanized Mouse and Gene Therapy Core

his is a highly specialized Core central to research at UCLA led by Dr. Scott Kitchen. Humanized mice provide a convenient small animal model to study HIV pathogenesis, pharmacologic approaches to treat HIV, and gene therapy studies in vivo. This Core provides humanized mice, access to BSL2+ vivarium facilities, expertise in humanized mouse models, and further development of improved humanized mouse models. Many valid humanized mouse models do not require the use of fetal tissues. The Aims of this Core are:

  1. To provide highly-purified and well-characterized hematopoietic, embryonic, and induced pluripotent stem cells as well as access to equipment to process these tissues.
  2. To provide validated gene therapy vectors, expert consultation, and training for genetic modification of stem cells and other cell types.
  3. To provide the resources, materials, environment, technical expertise, and consultation necessary to use humanized mouse models.
  4. To develop new humanized mouse models for AIDS-related research.

Current info can be found at: